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Saori Yokogawa (RA) ヨコガワ サオリ
(808) 228-4447

Saori Yokogawa (RA)

Saori was born in Kumamoto prefecture and moved to Hawaii in May 2010. In Japan, Saori worked at NEC Corporation for 18 years in various departments and eventually specializing in Quality Control. Saori speaks and writes fluent Japanese.

Saori fell in love with Hawaii at first sight but It took many visits before she decided to uproot her life and career in Japan and start anew in paradise.  She knows how important it is to not only fall in love with your home but being sure that it’s the right place for you.

English is Saori’s second language. But she’s learned that whatever language you speak, the idea of loving the place you live in and creating a special environment for yourself and sharing it with loved ones, is universal. This is why she chose to pursue a career in real estate.

Helping others make the right choice and navigating the real estate market in Hawaii is important to her as she has experienced the process of relocating and starting a new life in Hawaii. Providing the highest professional service to clients to ensure their complete satisfaction is her goal.

Saori is confident that her enthusiasm and persistence will lead her to finding the perfect home for you to fall in love with. She looks forward to working with you soon!